About Iwan

I've been taking photos as a hobby since age 11 and finally started doing this professionally in 2002 when I started taking my camera on skydives with me.
My longtime experience with cameras and photography paid off here and I used the money made doing this to invest in better gear and photography courses to apply on the ground for my other favorite subject: people.
Portraits has been my passion since day 1 of holding a camera. Catching people when they don't know their photo is being taken, in their most natural pose, showing character and emotion.
On my site here you can find all my skydiving work, which is my specialty.
My skydiving photos stand out in the way that I am more focused on the image, and telling the story with that image than on the subject (the skydiver / formation of skydivers).
I love creating visuals that look different, so shots I take in the air usually look different than what other photographers deliver. A skydiving formation might look really nice, but I feel the image will stand out more if the formation is placed in a bigger scene, tells a bigger story.
A good example of that is the photo that is part of the header of my website here. The formation is not even complete, but all the rich colors from the two layers of clouds in the background make it into a beautiful image.

Not all my work is displayed on this website, if you have a special request for a photo, please feel free to contact me, I might have already shot what you are looking for, and if not we can work on your special requirements and make that photograph a reality! Nothing is too crazy when it comes to my photographs, as long as it is safe.