New project: buildings at night

Written by iwanvdschoor on May 27th, 2010

In order to challenge myself and my photography skills, and gain more experience in tricky situations (as if taking skydiving photos is not tricky enough) I started a new personal project: buildings at night.

This was inspired by a posting from Scott Bourne (Twitter link) on his blog

The mission is to shoot at least 2 buildings a week, at night.

Reason for this is some of the most amazing light is there at night, some buildings are lit up by natural light (moonlight) some are lit up by lights (like the Golden Gate or the Palace of fine arts in San Francisco) and it always makes for very interesting views. The other reason is.. if they light it up, it’s to make it look pretty at night.. why not take a photo of it right? So last night I took the camera off my camera helmet and shot some long exposures of the building we live in, and since my wife wanted to come along, we ended up playing with light a bit as well!

Night shot of the apartment building we live in

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

Our apartment building, photo taken with a 30 second exposure.

Playing with the off camera flash

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

The same 30 second exposure, but now we used the flash twice to light up my wife Sandra, and then light me up.

Sandra being flashed

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

Another test with the 30 second exposure, again of our apartment building, but since Sandra was walking around through the photo, I figured it would be fun to light her up using the off camera flash, resulting in this fun photo!

Keep checking back for the building series… next time a more exciting building!



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