October, 2010

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Phillip’s first jump by himself

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Going through some old footage I found this skydive from 2 years ago.
My friend Phillip doing his first skydive “by himself” at Bay Area Skydiving.

After doing his tandem the year before, he got the bug and wanted to come back and jump by himself.

This is possible through a training program called “AFF” or “Accelerated Free Fall”, which is a 7 level program in which you learn new skills on each jump.

This footage is from Phillip’s first level / first jump.

Welcome back to the skies Phillip, come back and finish your program sometime!

Helicopter skydiving, behind the scenes!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Todd Davis, the wingsuiter that skydived from the helicopter in my previous post, was so kind to share his view of that jump with me as well.
I’m very excited about this, since I usually don’t make it into videos or photos, since I am the one taking them.

You can see it here on Vimeo. The helicopter section starts around 1:00.

Byron Boogie 2010 from Todd Davis on Vimeo.

Byron Boogie 2010 favorites

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

I attended the “Beerlight Byron Boogie” last weekend at Bay Area Skydiving

Even though I was only there for 1 day, I made some amazing jumps, and I wanted to share three of them with all of you.

My favorite was the helicopter, and I got a chance to jump it twice, first with Todd Davis of Epic Spaces jumping his wingsuit off the helicopter! A special thanks to Sierra Air Helicopters for coming out to our event!

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

After that I did another helicopter jump with Nigel:

Copyright 2010 Iwan van der Schoor

And to close off the day, I got to jump with brothers Brett and Nathan Niebergall of Southern Sandwich Company, a “rolling restaurant” that provided the food for the 3 day event! Thanks for bringing me along guys! This was by far one of my most amazing sunset skydives ever. It was a bit nerve wrecking on the plane seeing the light literally disappear and adjusting settings all the way up.

In the end I knew my flash would freeze the action, and I went with very slow shutterspeed settings, the result is below:

(camera settings: 1/100th F5.6 @ ISO 800, and the pop up flash)

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

How do you recover from mistakes, instead of how do you prevent them…

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Just a quick Monday morning thought, thank you Chase Jarvis for pointing out this video!

A very good 9 minute video!