Byron Boogie 2010 favorites

Written by iwanvdschoor on October 19th, 2010

I attended the “Beerlight Byron Boogie” last weekend at Bay Area Skydiving

Even though I was only there for 1 day, I made some amazing jumps, and I wanted to share three of them with all of you.

My favorite was the helicopter, and I got a chance to jump it twice, first with Todd Davis of Epic Spaces jumping his wingsuit off the helicopter! A special thanks to Sierra Air Helicopters for coming out to our event!

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

After that I did another helicopter jump with Nigel:

Copyright 2010 Iwan van der Schoor

And to close off the day, I got to jump with brothers Brett and Nathan Niebergall of Southern Sandwich Company, a “rolling restaurant” that provided the food for the 3 day event! Thanks for bringing me along guys! This was by far one of my most amazing sunset skydives ever. It was a bit nerve wrecking on the plane seeing the light literally disappear and adjusting settings all the way up.

In the end I knew my flash would freeze the action, and I went with very slow shutterspeed settings, the result is below:

(camera settings: 1/100th F5.6 @ ISO 800, and the pop up flash)

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor


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