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2010 California State Freefly Record

Monday, November 29th, 2010

I had the amazing pleasure to be one of the first witnesses of the brand new 2010 California State Freefly Record! A three plane formation of 58 people + 3 skydiving camera men made this event into the skydiving history books!

No less than 58 people jumped from 16.500ft and linked up in freefall within 60 seconds and flew the formation for about 4 seconds until the safe breakoff altitude was reached. In reality the formation flew for about 15 seconds until the last person arrived in his slot. The skydiving footage will follow shortly, and I’ll share that here on my blog with all of you. The person was appropriately honored the name “Captain Carve-Around”, as you will be able to see in the linked photo gallery.

The event went over very well, everybody was very safe and stuck to the strict safety rules of Skydive Perris and the event organizers, SoCal Converge (Andy Malchiodi / Travis Fienhage / Matt Lewis) and David Gershfeld.

After the record was broken on Friday the team continued to jump together and did some beautiful sequential freeflying on Saturday.

Photo number 25 in the gallery below shows the brand new skydiving record for the State of California.

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Another skydiving camera

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Even though I am an Apple user myself, I really like this ad from Microsoft.

I guess there’s a new skydiving camera on the market!

I don’t think I’ll be mounting it to my helmet to really put it to the test anytime soon, but it is good exposure to the sport.

Night fever… Halloween style

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I’m back at it, writing away on my blog after a short break, and I wanted to share some of my latest photos with all of you.

October 31st, a couple of hours before heading over to a Halloween party, my friend “EGO” Mike Rabe requested a jump with me, of course wearing the cameras, because he wanted to jump in his disco outfit.

Dressed complete with a full orange suit, baby blue ruffle shirt, big sun glasses and dress shoes he was ready to jump, so off we went and had some fun in the skies above Bay Area Skydiving.

Enjoy two of my favorites from that jump!

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor

Copyright Iwan van der Schoor