3D skydiving coming soon

Written by iwanvdschoor on March 23rd, 2011

For the last year or so we have seen teaser videos of the Red Bull movie “Human Flight 3D”.

An impressive production if you think about it, since the camera flyers had to skydive with 2 35mm cinema cameras, which made for very interesting skydiving helmet configurations.

Here are two images from the movie that show the different setups look that were used for the movie.

Copyright Red Bull Airforce / Miles Daisher

Image courtesy of Red Bull Airforce

Neither one of these solutions are very affordable for smaller productions, but it looks like Sony has now come up with an answer for this!

Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D camcorder

Sony HDR-TD10 Full HD 3D camcorder

This camera looks like a baby in comparison to the setups the Red Bull team was using:

weight: approx 740g with the provided NP-FV70 battery

dimensions : 2 1/4inch x 2 5/8 inch x 5 1/8 inch (74mm x 86.5mm x 148.5mm)

source: sonystyle.com

I can’t wait to get my hands on this beauty and test it out for skydiving. Not all cameras are fit for skydiving due to the different image┬ástabilization┬ásystems used in them. The Sony HDR-TD10 is using the optical stabilization system, which has not always proven to be so good for skydiving. The only way to really find out, is to “throw it out of a plane” ┬áso be on the lookout for test footage of this camera!

More information on the new camera: Sony HDR-TD10 on Sonystyle.com

More information on the Human Flight 3D movie, and to watch a trailer for it: http://redbullairforce.com/human-3d

Blue skies and happy filming!


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