The best skydiving is flying with family!

Written by iwanvdschoor on October 5th, 2011

Jacco enjoying freefall with Bavo

Two weeks ago I had the great pleasure of jumping with my cousin Jacco!
We jumped together a couple of years ago, and this time his fiance gave him another tandem jump for his birthday.
September 17th, it was time to jump again.
Jacco trying not to be nervous in the door Last time we jumped together I flew with him, this time he asked me to shoot it for him so he had some nice large photos to hang on his wall, instead of a video to watch. Video is great, but it is not something you have playing all the time. A photo on the wall is more memorable (in my personal opinion)

Tandem parachute opening, thumbs up from Bavo!

Two thumbs up after a beautiful tandem

Two thumbs up after a beautiful tandem

I uploaded the photos to my SmugMug galleries.

To Jacco: you can only do 2 tandems buddy.. next one, you’re going on your own!!

A big thank you to my friend Bavo for taking such good care of my cousin, and a big thank you to Paraclub Hoevenen for just all around being awesome. An amazing feeling to walk back onto the dropzone after many years, and instantly feel back at home again.



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