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Womens Star Crest Award in Byron

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

History was made on Saturday April 27, 2013 at Bay Area Skydiving in Byron.
After a very successful 4 way scrambles event, 8 ladies got together and went out to achieve their Womens Star Crest Award.

The Women’s Star Crest Award is issued to anyone who participated in a traditional, round star formation, composed of at least eight women skydivers –provided the formation was held for at least five seconds. For more information on this, please refer to the WSCR website

Completed WSCR formation

Completed WSCR formation

WSCR Ladies in Byron after their jump

The Byron ladies after their successful attempt to get their WSCR award

The ladies, in the order they got to the formation are:

Karen Woolem
Deborah Bingham
Krisanne Combs
Rachel Kanowsky
Amanda Lum-Simmons
Tina Dobleman
Lori Connor
Erin Bishop

The reason the order is important, is that is how their respective WSCR Award numbers will be issued.

Thanks again for having me on the jump ladies!

To the men that came along to try to get their WSCR award, better luck next time, since we ran out of altitude to allow the men to dock next. Men can obtain a WSCR award as well, as soon as they join the completed women’s formation (after 5 seconds)