Iwan van der Schoor Photography and itís team has over 10 years of experience in providing skydiving and skydiving photography, video, cinematography, exhibition jumps, stunts, wingsuits, and many more extreme activities.
If we havenít done it ourselves, we have access to the athletes that can make it happen for us.
Because Iwan van der Schoor Photography and itís team offers so much, donít hesitate to contact us anyways to see if we could make it happen for you. If it has anything to do with parachutes, skydiving, photography, video, promotions, stunts, movies, commercials or whatever, Iwan van der Schoor can make it happen.
A short list of our services:
  • Exhibition skydiver(s)
  • Stunt coordinator
  • Director of photography
  • Event organizer
  • Freefall camera specialist
  • Helmet camera setup
  • Freefall cinematography (16mm / 35mm camera)
  • Freefall video
  • Freefall photography

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Iwan van der Schoor: